Prepare for Chaos-Brexit: British book emergency ferries


    The British government Bay to prepare for an uncontrolled exit from the European Union ferries for the more than 111 million Euro. Thus, the supply of the country should be secured, if due to the newly introduced border controls traffic between the island and the EU falters.

    The ships were, in addition, been rented, and ports in the South of England should start, such as Portsmouth, Poole or Plymouth, said the Ministry of transport. The measure is but a preparation for the case, that it is to actually apply a non-Brexit. “Even if we continue to work, that it comes to a resignation agreement, we are preparing for all scenarios.”

    The 16,000 Trucks

    Currently, approximately 16,000 load cars between the Northern French city of Calais and Dover in the South of England they operate daily. They transport, among other things, food, medicines, or industrial goods. Should the EU exit will be introduced in three months, border control, is expected to be long traffic jams on both sides of the English channel.

    the European Union and the Republic of Ireland have already announced a number of emergency measures. The European Union wants to ensure that it comes to trade, air transport and financial markets at the lowest possible disabilities. Nevertheless, it is likely to come to serious limitations.