Precautionary or project savings: what are the most appropriate investments?


Whether it is a safety cushion to face the vagaries of life, or a springboard to finance your life projects… Savings are essential for good financial management. Franck Fargerelle, general secretary of Cheval Blanc Patrimoine, has 25 years of experience in banking, finance and asset management. In his wealth management firm, he manages the wealth issues of his clients… And advises them on how to better manage their investments and investments. For Planet, this specialist sheds light on the notions of precautionary and project savings.

“According to my definition, precautionary savings are those that are set aside to deal with all the elements of life, negative or positive: changing cars, switching from a gas boiler to a heat pump , installing photovoltaic panels… It’s a safety cushion”, explains Franck Fargerelle. For its part, project savings consists rather of investing one’s money to “combine the expiry of a project”. “Children’s studies, change of main residence, retirement, vacations…”, lists the specialist. What investments should be favored according to each person’s objective? Anthology in our slideshow below.

The general secretary of Cheval Blanc Patrimoine also gives our readers some advice for managing their project savings. Here they are :