Power shortages and cuts: 8 things to buy to prepare for winter


It’s the end of abundance, and the demonstration is crystal clear. For several days, France has been facing a certain fuel shortage, forcing many motorists to change their habits… And this is only the beginning.

This winter, the situation promises to be tense on the national electricity grid, to such an extent that there is talk of rotating load shedding and voluntary cuts in private homes. The honor is probably in energy sobriety…

But also and above all, to inflation, which has been galloping for almost a year and could still break new records at the start of 2023.

The economic situation and its uncertainties are pushing many French people to equip themselves, right now, to face these changes. Because new shortages await France. In our slideshow, discover the 8 items you need to buy now, before they run out of stock this winter.

Never has the word “shortage” been used as much as in 2022… or almost. Since the beginning of the year, the phenomenon has been on everyone’s lips.

A study by the Nielsen IQ institute estimated last August that the gross loss of profit linked to ruptures reached, in stores, nearly 2.7 billion euros.

It was first the beginning of the Russian-Krainian conflict that raised fears of food shortage in France. Finally, only sunflower oil will really be missing from the shelves of our supermarkets. Another shortage has been widely talked about this summer: it concerns mustard, the grains of which are mainly exported from Canada, where the harvest in 2020 was disastrous.

However, at the dawn of 2023, these stockouts seem to be coming to an end. The shelves are finding some order… before new shortages?