Power cuts: what foods in the freezer will you need to get rid of?


Closing of supermarkets, no school in the morning, unreachable help… The power cuts expected this winter are likely to affect many parts of our lives. These power cuts, localized and lasting a maximum of two hours, could shut down your home: no telephone network, no television, but also no household appliances. In your kitchen, the freezer and the refrigerator may therefore no longer work during the cut, but also during the restart… Which can jeopardize the preservation of your food.

During a power outage, your refrigerator can stay cold for at least four hours. To best preserve your food and preserve it from the cold, it is essential to limit the openings of the fridge. Certain foods are particularly at risk, according to La Dépêche: meat, fish, fresh cream, milk, eggs, cheeses, ready-to-eat meals and, finally, cooked meals. “For their part, vegetables, fruits, jams, cooked cheeses, cakes, ketchup, mayonnaise (purchased in stores) and unopened yogurts can last longer out of the cold”, specifies the regional daily. .

The freezer can stay cold for up to two days. In the event of a power cut, take your precautions: place a few ice cube trays and water bottles inside to keep food cool. In addition, it allows you to save energy!

If it is dangerous to refreeze food that has already been thawed, be aware that you can put food back in the freezer if it is still hard. “If your food is thawed but the temperature of your appliance shows 4°C, your food can be cooked, for quick consumption”, concludes La Dépêche.

In our slideshow below, discover the list of foods from the freezer that must absolutely be thrown away in the event of a power outage that is too long.