An unprecedented energy context. Between the reduced availability of nuclear power plants and the low capacity of hydroelectric dams – fault of the drought – all that is missing is the arrival of cold weather to concoct a cocktail conducive to the blackout. To avoid widespread and unmanageable blackouts, all means are implemented: awareness campaigns, electricity weather… But also load shedding, i.e. controlled power cuts for a maximum duration of two hours when the voltages are too strong on the electrical network.

In a circular shortly entrusted to the prefects, Matignon draws up the instructions to follow in the event of load shedding this winter. Although exceptional and used only “as a last resort”, these power cuts could have very significant consequences on the daily life of citizens: difficulties in contacting the emergency services, impossibility of taking the elevator, no internet network, closure of supermarkets…

According to the document that our colleagues from Europe 1 were able to obtain, one of the first instructions addressed to the prefects consists in encouraging inhabitants as local actors to multiply eco-gestures and show sobriety. The population will also be encouraged to stay with those considered vulnerable.

The circular also gives additional details concerning the real duration of power cuts, the aid made available or the measures taken in schools. Find the details in our slideshow below.