Power cuts: the 5 unusual tips of the French to prepare for them


A part of winter in the dark? There will be no generalized blackout in the coming months, RTE has indicated in recent weeks, but targeted and temporary cuts are not excluded, to help the network hold up during the coldest periods. The electricity grid operator in France said in its forecast that cuts could not be ruled out in January and possibly also in February. Asked about this by BFMTV, Emmanuelle Wargon, president of the Energy Regulatory Commission, said that the winter should “not be too bad” in the end, even if she speaks of “vigilance” for both months quoted by RTE.

Good news offset by long-term forecasts, particularly for winter 2023 to 2024. On this subject, the former minister explains that there are “great uncertainties” for the period, because of the decisions that will be taken as soon as now: “Gas imports, electricity imports, continuation of community emergency measures, beginning of reflection on the organization of the market” in particular. With regard to electricity prices, Emmanuelle Wargon specifies that if the winter is not too cold and the reactors undergoing maintenance are restarted on time, then “the prices of the first and second quarter could stabilize or even decline”. What allow the French to breathe a little, in a whirlwind of rising prices linked to inflation.

If the president of the Energy Regulation Commission wanted to be reassuring, the risks of rotating load shedding are real for the months of January and February. Devices to disconnect, eco-gestures to put in place… Planet has given you some tips for coping with the Ecowatt red days, which could occur in the coming weeks. One question remains: how to light up when there is no electricity? If candles and flashlights are a good alternative, these French people have found something more original. Overview.