Power cuts: the 5 things to do after load shedding


As you will have understood, we risk power cuts this winter in the event of a network surge. At issue: the poor state of the French nuclear fleet. These load shedding measures would not exceed 2 hours, and would be scheduled up to three days in advance. The risk hovers above our heads and the repetitive injunctions to energy sobriety contribute strongly to it.

Still, fear acts as a motivator: indeed, promising results have already been achieved. On the whole of the electricity consumption of households, industrial companies and administrations, we are witnessing a drop amounting to 10%! The Minister of the Economy Bruno Le Maire spoke recently on the set of BFMTV in order to to reassure the French.

Rest assured: even if they happen, and they will probably cause some inconvenience, these famous 2-hour load shedding will not see the looming apocalypse. The prefectures are working on the task of planning the smooth running of potential power cuts, and a list of priority infrastructures will be exempt from the cuts.

Finding out the night before about the impact or not that a load shedding measure will have on your accommodation will also allow you to make all the necessary arrangements. Indeed, there are some tips to follow to prepare for a break. Find below all the things to take into account after the said cuts.