Power cuts: infrastructure affected by load shedding


A possibility that becomes clearer day by day. Until a few weeks ago, rotating load shedding was only a possibility, but the arrival of winter – which officially begins on December 21 – changes that. Indeed, the drop in temperatures is beginning to be felt and the French will consume more and more energy, especially for heating. What increase by a notch the risks of tension on the electrical network and therefore of targeted and temporary cuts. So as not to be taken by surprise, the government is organizing itself with the local public authorities.

Quoted by Agence France-Presse, whose remarks are reported by Sud-Ouest, a government source explains that these cuts will occur “if the cold weather is confirmed, if we have a production or interconnection problem (with neighboring countries ) and if consumption does not drop”. The French concerned will be warned several days before and will be asked to lower their consumption in order to avoid cuts in the days that will follow. And if that’s not enough?

Matignon sent a circular to the prefects this week, according to which 60% of French people could be affected by rotating load shedding during the winter. One region will automatically escape load shedding: Corsica, because it benefits from an interconnection with Italy and Sardinia. A city will also automatically escape it, Paris, because it brings together too many “critical sites which involve the continuity of the life of the nation”, explained the government of Elisabeth Borne.

If you are not one of the exceptions, what should you expect? Quoted by AFP and Sud-Ouest, the government explains: “The load shedding will be distributed throughout the territory. It is a leopard skin configuration, there will be a form of equity. the same area over and over again. Each time, the cut portion will be very small”. If you live neither in Corsica nor in Paris, there is therefore a great risk that your electricity will be cut off at some point during the EcoWatt red days. Here is everything that will no longer work in your immediate environment…