Power cuts in December: the last scenario considered


Will cut or not cut? On the subject of possible load shedding this winter, the announcements are multiplying on the side of the executive and the managers of the network, creating a real cacophony. Emmanuel Macron has banged his fist on the table several times in recent days, asking to stop spreading alarmist messages to the French, while nothing is yet decided.

In its latest forecasts, RTE still expects Ecowatt red days in January, during which the electricity network could be under tension, forcing the manager and Enedis to carry out brief, local and organized outages in order to limit breakage. This scenario, that of the “worst”, is only one among many others to believe the executive, who now wants to be reassuring. These rotating load shedding would indeed be the last measure, if the previous ones have failed and in particular the drop in consumption within households.

Good news, RTE has observed a further drop in electricity consumption in France, explaining that the latter “is growing” with a drop of 8.3% last week, compared to the average of previous years, not counting 2020. and 2021. According to the manager, it now concerns “all sectors”, even though temperatures have dropped in recent days and therefore led to an increase in heating needs. “The most recent figures – collected during the cold period of the last few days – show that the drop in consumption also concerns the residential sector (majority in volume) and tertiary”, specifies the manager.

If this is good news, the government and RTE continue to work on various scenarios for the winter. Before moving on to 2023, we still have to finish this year. While the thermometer will drop below zero in the coming days, should we fear cuts before the end of the year? Check out the latest announcements.