Autumn, rain and cold, here you are! The arrival of cool temperatures sign the fear of a shortage of electricity quickly. To deal with it, the President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron announced “the energy sobriety” which the whole of France will have to demonstrate, reports Ouest-France. Objective: “reduce by 10% what we consume”, affirmed the Head of State a few days ago.

At the risk of suffering repeated power cuts this winter, and especially in certain energy-sensitive departments, as Planet explained in this article.

However, this goal is relatively complex to achieve. In order to achieve this, various measures and systems have been put in place to help the French people reduce their energy consumption.

Ecowatt, the RTE (Electricity Transmission Network) system available on the internet, will thus act as an “electricity weather forecast”. It will notify the whole country about the power grid voltage situation in each region in real time. A special bulletin will also be provided on the television channels, indicates Le Figaro.

In this sense, to set a good example, Paris, the capital, will also be sober this winter…

The Eiffel Tower, whose lights went out at 1 a.m. until now, will end the night without a flicker. Since Friday September 23, 2022, indicates Le Parisien, the monument no longer shines from 11:45 p.m., one hour and 15 minutes earlier. Strong symbol of the famous sobriety desired by the Head of State.

This will not be enough to avoid the tensions on the power lines expected this winter according to the scientists. Here are the instructions that the government would like the French to apply now to save.

Ideally, according to the EcoWatt website, to reduce electricity consumption during peak hours, it would be necessary to:

In addition, as this article indicates, according to the French Environment and Energy Management Agency (ADEME), lowering your heating by one degree would save 7% on your annual bill…

The sparing use of heating seems to be in order this winter. Instead of heating to 21°C or 20°C, going down to 19°C would seem to be of great importance, as the heating consumption is substantial. Elisabeth Borne, the Prime Minister, reassured on BFMTV. No question of living in the cold: “The rule is to heat to 19°C so if it is 15°C, of ​​course you can turn on your heating”.

According to a survey carried out by Les Echos, more than 71% of French people are ready to apply this measure at home…