(New York) An autobiography that Lisa Marie Presley was working on at the time of her death will be published this fall.

The book, currently untitled, was made with the help of actress Riley Keough, the eldest of Presley’s four children.

“Few people have had the opportunity to know who my mother really was, other than that she was Elvis’ daughter,” Keough said in a statement released Thursday by the publishing company Random House.

“I was fortunate to have had this opportunity and working on preparing his autobiography for publication has been a privilege, albeit bittersweet. I’m so excited to share my mother now, in her most vulnerable and honest form, and in doing so, I hope readers will come to love my mother as much as I do. »

His book is scheduled to be released on October 15. Financial terms were not disclosed.

Lisa Marie Presley, the only daughter of Elvis and Priscilla Presley and a singer herself, died almost exactly a year ago at the age of 54. A coroner’s inquest found the singer and actress died from complications from bariatric surgery she received years earlier. Lisa Marie Presley is now buried on the grounds of the Graceland family estate in Memphis, Tennessee, where she was on the day of her father’s death in 1977.

According to Random House, Presley wanted his daughter to help him write his memoir, but Keough had “put off the project, feeling there would be a good time for them to sit down together and finish it.” After Presley’s death, Keough spent hours listening to tapes his mother had made to prepare his life story.

“Riley knew it was time for Lisa Marie’s voice to be heard,” the Random House announcement reads.

Random House calls the book a “raw, gripping and unique memoir,” narrated primarily by Lisa Marie Presley, “with Riley filling in the blanks of her own memory and those closest to her mother.”

An audio edition will be read by Keough and will include some excerpts of memories recorded by Lisa Marie.