(Tampa) Funny things happen sometimes in Florida, and by that, we’re not just talking about the Canadiens’ defensive play, as seen during Thursday night’s game at Sunrise.

From memory, since the birth of the Lightning in Tampa, and then that of the Panthers further south, the presence of Jesus and all his derivatives has never been more visible than during the Canadian’s present visit to this fabulous State, advantageously known for its oranges and its Backstreet Boys.

Thus, since our arrival in these lands this week, we are regularly offered the chance to repent, outside before Thursday’s game for example, or even a few meters from the famous Elbo Room bar in Fort Lauderdale, where sins are committed. by dozens.

It is therefore not uncommon to meet in the street an envoy of Jesus himself, who often brandishes a huge sign on which it is written that the Great Return is imminent. Is this the return of Brendan Gallagher or Sean Monahan? Nobody here could answer this question, a bit like the direction of the Canadian, finally.

Also, at our luxury hotel in Fort Lauderdale, the bookstore section was full of books whose main subject is the Bible and all its characters. But we said to ourselves that we would wait for the film.

Otherwise, Florida does not change too much, with its weather that turns too quickly from one extreme to the other, with its highways that are race tracks, with its very conservative side that feels, almost everywhere, without really know how or why. It’s not Tom Petty’s Florida anymore, that’s for sure.

But there are palm trees, and who can be against that? Person.