The American judicial authorities have accused two Suspects to have acted according to Conviction, the Prosecutor’s office as “illegal agents” of the Turkish government in the United States. The Americans Bijan Rafiekian and the Turk Kamil Ekim Alptekin should have tried on an extradition of the in the Vereinigtne Stataen living preacher Fethullah Gulen to Turkey, such as the Ministry of justice announced on Monday. Rafiekian and Alptekin should have worked with the former National security adviser to President Donald Trump, Michael Flynn, together.

Flynn is accused in a separate process. There, he has given to the judicial authorities, gives false information to its cooperation with the Turkish government. The Turkish government makes Gülen for the coup attempt of July 2016 responsible and calls for his extradition.

the target was a “conspiracy”

Flynn – in the new procedure as “Person A” had founded jointly with Rafiekian a company called “Flynn Intel Group”. The company received for the three-month project for Turkey, according to information from the judicial authorities of 530,000 dollars (about 467.000 Euro). In the new indictment, it says that the objective was a “conspiracy” to influence American politicians and public opinion against Gülen, with the aim to achieve its delivery.

The judicial authorities, Alptekin have kept Turkish government representative on the project to date and their instructions to Rafiekian and Flynn submitted. The Budget for the project had been decided by the Turkish government representatives to “Cabinet level”. Alptekin is said to have concealed the payments with your own company.