Population development in the Corona of the year – Five percent more Deaths – influence of the Migration ungewissDie pandemic affects the population development in Switzerland. The Virus as a cause of death, however, is not the only criterion.oli/sda1 Kommentar1Die Corona pandemic has an impact on the number of deaths and thus also on the population development in Switzerland.Photo: Georgios Kefalas/Keystone

According to the Federal office for statistics (BFS) are professionals currently in Switzerland between 2000 and 3000 people to the consequences of the Coronavirus are going to die. At around 60’000 annual deaths in Switzerland, the 3000 deaths would correspond to cases an increase of 5 percent.

The assumption is put into perspective, however, writes to the FSO on Thursday in the publication of the scenarios for population development. Some of the people who die as a result of the Virus – particularly older people – would possibly die in the year 2020, for a different reason. This temporary increase in the number of deaths is not likely to therefore affect population development very much.

Migration could have a major impact

On other indicators of the pandemic, but. The pandemic triggered by the economic crisis have, presumably, to the migration flows, writes the BFS. As a result, the number of immigrants is expected to fall and emigration to rise. This would have been a striking decline in the net migration result.

The BFS, but points out that the Migration could increase rapidly, as in the case of the last economic crisis. This would happen, if Switzerland is able to cope with the economic impact of the pandemic better than other countries. The extent and duration of these changes could be at the current time is not predicted. If the immigration only during a short time – for example, during some months, will affect the population development.

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