On the last day of trading before the Christmas holiday, it is for the Dax to anything other than contemplative. The German leading index showed, for the so-called “witches ‘ Sabbath” from his weak side. Around noon, he fell by 0.4 percent to 10.567,2 points, and continued to be very weak before development. The M-Dax managed to at least about 0.1 percent to Plus on 21.549,4 points. The pan-European Euro Stoxx lost meanwhile, but even almost 1 percent to 2971,9 counter.

The negative direction is dictated from Overseas, where the continuing was spilling out the end of the course, slip in New York to Asia over. “With the emergence of the turmoil in the White house because of the threat of a Government shutdown, a further risk factor is added to the well-known political crises, such as the Brexit and the trade disputes,” said market analyst Jochen Stanzl from CMC Markets. A stoppage of the business of government is not threatening, if President Donald Trump and the U.S. Congress in a dispute over funding for a border wall to Mexico a few immediately.

With the repeated losses of the Dax sealed a weak pre-Christmas week in which he has, so far, nearly 3 percent of its value lost. Since the beginning of the year his tee shots add up already to a little more than 18 percent. 2018 in order for the Dax, the first loss year since 2011.

Puma clearly in the Plus

in General, it was to the close of the week because of the so-called “witches ‘ Sabbath” from fluctuations in the embossed Tag. Because contracts run out at the futures exchanges, try to speculators the courses before the new year in your direction to influence. The effect of this was particularly strong in the case of the news moving single values. In several cases, they switched to perk up your direction.

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Under the special supervision of the papers of the sporting goods manufacturers competed on Friday after strong figures of Nike. Adidas and Puma could not follow the after hours surge in Nike but clearly. In the case of Adidas, it went first, kicking and, finally, you were just 0.2 percent in the Minus. Puma in the M-Dax rose, however, to 3.5 percent.

Nike had increased in the most recent quarter, its earnings strongly, and an optimistic Outlook. The conclusions for Adidas, the market fluctuated between the generally strong image, that of the American rival for the sports signed up to article market, and prospective market share gains, the greatest adversary on the world market. This could prove on closer inspection to Adidas as a negative.

Fresenius Medical Care, the largest Dax-loser

The investors, by Delivery Hero, the sale of the German brought services delivery to the competitors takeaway.com an early Christmas. The Deal catapulted the shares, even occasionally, with 25 percent to Plus, last but the momentum slowed to 10 per cent. The reactions to the now specifically to the proposed merger of two large participants in the market were positive. A merchant praised the opportunities that bring a common streamlining of the activities.

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SLM Solutions are the next in the League with significant fluctuations. Due to a further sales and profit warning and deep red started, they turned the previous record low of 9.55 euros, up up in the profit zone, the left but then you quickly. Least, the discount amounted to more than 6 percent. Dealers accounted for smoldering takeover fantasy as temporary support.