This Friday, November 25, a “voluntary abandonment” operation and registration of previously undeclared weapons is taking place across France. This operation will last until December 2. Many collection points have opened their doors: throughout the metropolitan territory, they would be nearly 300, as reported by the newspaper Le Monde. This operation was set up in the face of the large quantity of weapons held irregularly by individuals.

Indeed, according to an empirical study by the Ministry of the Interior, 5 to 6 million weapons are illegally held in France. The persons concerned will therefore be able, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. over a period of 8 days, to go to any police station or gendarmerie to hand them over to the police. It is important to keep in mind the fact that these people will in no way be prosecuted in relation to the conditions of transport and possession of the weapons they bring back or register.

The aims of this national operation of simplified abandonment of weapons to the State are multiple: to avoid domestic accidents, neighborhood conflicts or to contribute to the fight against intra-family violence. Weapons held by individuals are also regularly stolen, and fuel the demand for weapons from criminal networks.

If you are a person with reduced mobility, or if you live in the Paris region, it is possible to request that this collection be done at your home: indeed, driving around Paris with a weapon in your bag does not seem to be a very pleasing prospect… Once the operation is completed, it will still be possible to bring weapons back to the police station, but you will no longer have the absolute guarantee of not being the subject of legal proceedings.

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