The investigations against five of Frankfurt’s police officers, should have exchanged in a Chat extreme right-wing content, from a wide range of might be in. They are also allegedly in connection with a Drohschreiben to the lawyer Seda Basay-Yildiz. How to hear from security circles, it is not excluded that other persons with the circle of the five officials, sympathize, and work together with you to operate. Currently to be reviewed, how it Links to other people from the right-wing extremist environment, and in particular from the neo-Nazi scene.

recently, a second threatening letter to the lawyer Seda Basay has been sent to Yildiz, and the present of this newspaper. The Letter should be on 20. December 2018 in the case of the lawyer, be received. A day after the special Committee that it has been given to the police scandal in the Hessian Parliament. Of determination tactical reasons, the second threatening letter has been kept a secret for now. Also, the lawyer, himself, had not spoken deliberately in the hope that the sender can be faster is determined. In addition, the “Süddeutsche Zeitung had reported now”.

this threatening letter is received, as the first Fax in the office of the lawyer, and with “NSU 2.0”, signed. Once again, the daughter of the lawyer is mentioned, and with a death threat. Be mentioned but this time also the names of her parents and her husband. It is again the information exclusively via the police query system that is accessible. The investigators suspect that at that time already in the first query, which – as reported – on the Computer of a police officer of the 1. Station in Frankfurt was carried out, with recorded and only now have been used.

However, it appears from the point of view of the investigators is questionable whether this second Fax was sent by the same persons as the first. Parallels exist in the way that the Fax has been sent: on a technically previously non-reconstructable way. While in the first Fax, however it is suspected that it could have come from the circle of the five accused in the Frankfurt police, is also a second group of people possible, obviously, but also with the Police. In addition, the police assumed that this second group of people, with the people who have sent the first threatening letter, working closely together.

the Letter States: “You (…) is obviously not aware of what you did to our police colleagues impressed! (…) However, it is now really thick for you, you Türkensau!“ It further insults and finally a description of how you would want revenge on him””.