Police scandal in Frankfurt: authority is out of step


    “trust in the police must not be lost.” This sentence of the Frankfurt police President Gerhard Bereswill has expressed last week, when it came to the investigations against five police officers his authority. And after this weekend, he will hope, presumably, is all the more important that the appeal had faded in the Public.

    Since Saturday is not clear that it goes only to the sending and receiving of swastikas, Hitler images and insults of foreigners and the disabled, which is already unbearable. But it’s going to be a concrete threat against a lawyer and her daughter. In a characteristic style, in which you ask yourself, how much hate must someone have, in order to Express sentences such as “Then we will slaughter you”.

    Vile threatening letter

    it is not Yet known who is for the vile threatening letter responsible. He could be drafted from the group of police officers. The track could result in the end but also to people who are not in the focus of the investigators. In any case, but this Drohschreiben of so great contempt testifies against foreigners and because Seda Basay-Yildiz has also been as a criminal defense lawyer attacked – also against the rule of law, that it must shake up that has not yet understood that extreme right-wing currents roots now deep in the society.

    And one more thing, this case shows: That the investigations have resulted in the police and the state protection is found only on the group of alleged right-wing network that has the Potential of a larger scandal, the output of which is not yet in sight.