Police chief resigns – Again African-Americans in the police was killed in the US city of Atlanta in the Parking lot of a fast-food restaurants, a 27-Year-old by a police officer being shot. He had a resisted arrest.Dozens of protesters gather at the scene of the crime: In the US, African Americans once again died during a police operation.KEYSTONEDer incident occurred at a fast food restaurant in Atlanta in the southern state of Georgia.Keystone currently there are after the death of the African-American George Floyd at the end of may in Minneapolis protests against racism and police violence in Atlanta.KEYSTONE1 / 9

After the death of another African-American by police officers in the United States protests in the city of Atlanta are apparently escalated. Late Saturday night the restaurant burned Quickly – before the day before, a 27-Year-old by a police officer gunned down was now up in flames. “The Restaurant is full of fire, and is adjacent to a gas station. No reports of anyone inside the building,” tweeted the fire Department in Atlanta. Firefighting forces were able to penetrate due to a variety of demonstrators, a late addition to the building. The TV channel Fox reported that the fire had finally been after a good one hour, deleted.

After the death of the African-American George Floyd in a brutal police operation at the end of may, there are country-wide protests against racism. Local media had reported on Saturday night in Atlanta of protests in the vicinity of the crime scene. Accordingly, the protesters had also blocked a nearby Highway for the traffic chaos caused. The police used, according to the news channel CNN also used tear gas and stun grenades against the protesters.

mayor expresses doubt

The newly sparked anger on the streets of Atlanta in the U.S. state of Georgia was the result from the case of another slain African-American. A police officer was on Friday evening in a Parking lot, a Black shot, the sets according to the Criminal GBI before his arrest to resist. The man died according to the figures, finally, in a hospital after an Operation.

According to CNN, citing a police spokesman, was the official who had delivered the fatal shots, fired, and the second officer suspended provisionally. The mayor of Atlanta, Keisha Lance Bottoms, said: “I believe that this was a justified use of deadly force.” They have called for the dismissal of the police officer. Bottoms also said that it had accepted the resignation offer from the police chief Erika Shields.

The criminal office of the GBI in Georgia, had declared that the police late Friday night were called to a fast food restaurant, because there was a man in the car was asleep, a snake in a wagon. Other vehicles would have had to drive past him. In the Wake of the 27-Year-old who has not passed in the car sat a sobriety test and should be taken into custody. It was come to a battle, in which the man witnesses say an officer of his electroshock gun have been removed.

warning against hasty conclusions

GBI-chief Vic Reynolds said a video footage was to see that the man moving in front of the officials run away, with the Taser in the Hand to you to turn around and the police officer his service weapon. Reynolds made it clear that everything was gone very quickly. The authority wanted to publish the video material. Reynolds said the GBI will quickly collect all the facts and the Prosecutor’s office to submit. Governor Brian Kemp spoke to him for his trust. In Parallel with state’s attorney Paul Howard said that his Agency had already begun an independent investigation into the incident.

Reynolds warned against hasty conclusions and pointed to the angry mood in the country. “I don’t want anyone in a hurry, under any circumstances, to any Form of judgment, which in these cases is on both sides very easy,” he said. The investigators be aware, that in such cases “huge feelings” are in the game and this will be reinforced by the current Situation. The public Prosecutor must assess whether it is justified was that the policeman got shot.

fueled protests now?

Since the death of the African-American George Floyd at the end of may in Minneapolis, police violence and racism are the focus of the public debate in the United States. In the meantime, it came out in protests in several cities, and also to fires and looting, in some places, output has been adopted lock. US President, Donald Trump had stressed the right to peaceful protests repeatedly, but it is also a hard line of the forces required.

The demonstrations are not for days in a peaceful, tear off and could be fired due to the incident in Atlanta more. Also on the weekend, many people were again in many places on the streets, in the capital city of Washington or in Minneapolis. Almost three weeks ago, a white police officer had pressed his knee into the neck of the lying on the ground Floyd’s – despite the latter’s repeated requests to let him breathe. The policeman and three of the operation as participating colleagues were dismissed, arrested and charged. Floyd had been arrested because of suspicion to have a fake 20-Dollar bill in paid, fixed.

The protests in Atlanta got out of control. (Video: Storyful)

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