Police brutality in the USA – The police reformer, the racism very well kenntTim Scott, the only African-American among the 53 Republicans in the U.S. Senate. Now he is fighting for a law against police violence – an almost impossible task.Hubert Wetzel from Washington0 comment critics accuse him to be an Alibi-Black: Tim Scott, Senator from South Carolina.Photo: Keystone

Suddenly everyone wants to do in Washington against racism and brutality in the police. In the White house, President Donald Trump is working on a decree. In the house of representatives, the Democrats are working on their own bill. And in the Senate, Tim Scott is working on a package of measures, which should not only be formulated in such a way that it gets in the two parliamentary chambers have enough votes from Republicans and Democrats, but then also, Trump is signed.

to create some of The “almost impossible”, according to the Internet magazine “Politico” a few days ago. Tim Scott knows that. “If God gives us his blessing, then everything is in vain,” he said. On the other hand: the fact That Tim Scott would ever get to where he is now, was never a matter of course.

A stalwart Conservative

The 54-Year-old grew up in South Carolina in poverty, his mother kept him and his brothers with several Jobs on the water. After school he went with a Football scholarship to College, he studied political science, and opened an insurance Agency. In 1995, he went first to the local policy, in 2010, he ran successfully for a seat in the U.S. house of representatives.

at the end of 2012, the former Governor of South Carolina, Nikki Haley, him for Senator, because one of the two seats in the state Congress chamber was become vacant was appointed. Since Tim Scott is the only African-American among the 53 Republican senators.

In the case of most political issues Scott Orthodox represents conservative positions: He is a staunch Republican. But as a Black man from the South, Scott has what it calls “systemic racism”, often experienced. He had a hundred times been in traffic controls by the police stopped, he told. Why? Because of his skin color.

Even as he was already a Senator and the pin bore, which identifies him as a member of the chamber, have an official of the Capitol Police stopped him in the Capitol once in the corridor. “The needle, I know,” the police man said challenging him, “but I don’t know.”

In Congress there are a lot of ideas against police brutality, but there is no clear line.

so Now Scott for the Republicans should be a law against police write violence. This has earned him much criticism from the Left. He was a token Black or errand boy for a party which is not of interest for African-Americans, he was accused of. It is the word “boy fell” – this is an ugly, racist term for an African-American. Scott remained calm and fought back with the note that, in the democratic Senate group only two Black was accused of conspiracy. This is not a very impressive record.

Scott is a politician. But maybe that makes him a good mediator. Because there are in Congress, although many of the ideas of what could be against police brutality companies, but no clear line. The Democrats want national standards for the Thousands of local police authorities, and problematic Police Department can punish. In addition, the legal immunity of police officers is to be restricted.

After all, there is the willingness to act

The Republicans as much control out of Washington goes too far. You first want to improve the police training and setting up a database of information about racist incidents and the officials will be collected. What it wants to Trump the President, however, is unclear.

it is Clear, however, that the willingness in the Parliament to do something. That was this week, clearly, as the defence Committee of the Senate with the votes of almost all Republicans voted for military bases to rename that bear the names of Confederate generals. The Republican senators put themselves in order against Trump, had expressly rejected. A man of deep faith like Tim Scott could see it as a sign, on which side of the debate, the blessing of God is.

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