Bruges (brugge) –

The police of Bruges was a neglected dog is saved. The animal was badly wounded, is found in a house in a suburb of the city of Lissewege. “Thanks to a photo of a local resident, we have a dog that can prune”, you hear the sound of it.

the photograph came out in the beginning of last week, when the city police. It was the mangled dog to see his master to his fate, and was left to walk alone. The police went to the spot, went to the house of the Doeststraat Lissewege (bruges). “It was going to be a run-down house. It happened to be someone in and out of the. In order for the dog to eat it”, says a spokesperson Lien Depoorter. “But our people have noticed, indeed, that the animal is not properly cared for, and was seriously wounded.”

The dog was seized and taken to the animal shelter are transferred. It seems that, in spite of the injuries – again, in addition to will come in. The costs incurred will be for the owner. And it may have to wait, which is also an additional penalty fee. “There was a report, and that of the public prosecutor’s office in Ypres, site. They specialize in animal cruelty,” according to the spokesperson of the police department.

the Blue Cross in Bruges, enjoy the Omer – is the name of the dog the extra attention he is getting. “We’ll put him in here in the morning” is heard. If you like about the program and would like to take care of, have to wait a little longer. He is not available at this time for adoption.
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