Over 450,000 Kia Vehicles Recalled Due to Fire Risk

The front seat engine of Telluride models may overheat due to a stuck adjustment button, potentially leading to a fire. These cars could catch fire at any moment. Automaker Kia has issued a recall for 462,869 Telluride vehicles from the years 2020 to 2024 in the United States, due to a fire risk whether the vehicle is running or parked. The manufacturer advises owners to park their vehicles outside and away from other cars and structures until necessary repairs are made.

According to Kia, the button used to adjust the position of the front seats may become stuck or misaligned, potentially causing the electric motor to overheat. In case of overheating, a fire could ignite. Owners should watch for signs of a problem, such as seats that no longer adjust or continue to move even after releasing the adjustment button. The presence of smoke is also a sign not to ignore.

Free repairs for owners
To address this issue, dealers will need to install a support for the seat switch covers and replace the seat adjustment buttons, at no cost to owners. Owners will receive a notification by mail starting from July 30. They can also check the website of the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to see if their vehicle is subject to a recall or not. However, the manufacturer has not provided information regarding the start date of the car repairs.