if you are set on your privacy at all times, and you’ve got your Facebook and Instagram account is on private so that only your followers can see what you post? Please know that all your followers with just one really easy trick to your photos and videos, however, can make it.

now, are You followers your personal photos and videos from Facebook is not alone, but rather on the basis of a very simple trick, they can use the images to download and to distribute, reports the website Buzzfeed.

as For the “hack”, all you need is an internet browser with a very limited knowledge of HTML is required. “With just a few clicks can get you the code for the image source URL to retrieve it,” according to Buzzfeed. “And you’re just like, publicly share it with anyone you like, without affecting the user of the images, there is something to know about. Even people who don’t Facebook them.”

finally, Facebook has now responded to the unveiling. “You have followers, you can also just take a screenshot of all your posts. In principle, they can do this without your permission, but we are powerless against it.” In short, you have to hope that the people that you know, you can’t do it.

The trick, it works the same way for the Instagram Stories of the year, which is normally temporary and after a period of 24 hours, canceled or deleted. “However, because of this, you can get the pictures several days, and in the case of the images themselves, have a lot of time,” says it is.