Plastic Recycling, Migros launched the collection bag for PlastikmüllDie retailer leads from 29. June, a private plastic Recycling and installed new collection point. However, for the customers, this is not free.Erik Hasselberg146 Kommentare146Der new plastic collection bag of Migros comes in three sizes and costs between 0.90 and 2.50 francs.Photo: Migros

Migros has announced the plastic waste in the fight. With a new plastic collection bag and collection points for plastic packaging, the retailer of the Swiss population for the first time offers a simple possibility of their plastic waste to gather comfortably in the home and in a branch of Migros in the vicinity to return it. The service, however, is not free: The special collection bag is available in three sizes in the Migros available and costs between 90 cents and 2.50 francs.

The starting shot for the nationwide plastic recycling is carried out in Central Switzerland, on 29. June 2020 in Lucerne. If the first stage is successful and the offer to appeal to pushes, add to this already the end of August, Geneva, neuchâtel-Fribourg, Vaud and Valais. Probably until the spring of 2021, Migros wants to offer in all of the regional cooperatives, the new collection points.

environmentally friendly and future –

For the pioneering project, Migros enters into a partnership with the leading plastic recyclers in Switzerland. The collected plastic material is sorted by a variety of companies and recycled. The resulting granules should, in future, find re-use for new packaging. However, Migros is committed at the same time, the use of plastic to further reduce, as she writes for the launch of the project.

is Created from plastic waste: recycled granules.Photos: Migros

Together with the recycling partners, the retailer would like to invest in the future in a modern sorting plant for mixed plastic material in Switzerland – and, therefore, the last technological gap to close in order to allow a successful and comprehensive Recycling of plastic waste in Switzerland.

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