The health insurance companies to pay according to the will of the Minister of health, Jens Spahn (CDU) in the future, the Extraction of body fat. “Up to three million women with abnormal fat distribution disorders do not suffer on a daily basis including the health insurance pay for your therapy after a court ruling,” said Spahn, the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. “We want to help quickly and unbureaucratically.”

Andreas Mihm

economic correspondent in Berlin.

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The funds refuse to pay this “liposuction in the treatment of Lipödems”. In the groups of patients heavily advertised method of Use was not “sufficient”. The self-administration of Doctors, hospitals and funds, the Federal joint Committee has noted, in July 2017. He decides to date about what therapies will be reimbursed. At the time, adopted their own examination is one and a half years later, “still in preparation”, a spokeswoman said. So far, the funds only pay the conventional methods for the treatment of fat deposits on hips and thighs, which colloquially are called “saddlebags” ‘re.

Spahn authorized

Spahn don’t want to wait any longer to self-management. With an amendment he wants to empower his Ministry, in principle, to decide alone and without the consent of the Federal Council about what methods of examination and treatment, the funds must pay. The liposuction is to him only as an example.

In the Amendment, it means that the Ministry could absorb the methods in the supply, for the self-administration had not taken control or for which they “rejected the recognition of a diagnostic or therapeutic benefit to date”. Even if there is new methods are hardly scientific evidence, a refund be considered if there is no reasonable alternative treatment.


The Ministry will include in its consideration the Expertise of medical professional societies and patient groups. For the preparation it should, in the future, collect their own data and expert opinions in order to give. Also, the fact that there is a new power in the payroll catalog of physicians still is not a digit, not slowing Spahn: “Until the entry into force of the remuneration arrangements of the self-governing partners of the billing is done according to the (private law) fees of Physicians.”