Our terraces, our windowsills or even our balconies are very regularly invaded by pigeons. Most of the time, they degrade our plants, they defile our places with their excrements or coo late at night and even very early in the morning. In these cases, the reflex of pushing them away with a wave of the hand solves all our problems. But it only lasts a few minutes since they keep coming back.

Some exasperated residents decide to use prohibited methods, such as ultrasound boxes or poisoned food (strongly condemned by the authorities). Before revealing our tips for dealing with this columbid, take a look at their different properties, which are sometimes unknown to us.

This animal often gives off an image of a stupid beast, and yet, we are mistaken. This vertebrate is one of the few to be able to recognize itself in a mirror. This may have happened to you recently: you were cycling, in town or on a cycle path, a pigeon was on the road and ended up taking flight at the last moment. It must be said that the latter has a particularly powerful sense of sight.

You thought that was the only unusual characteristic of pigeons. It is missed since according to a study carried out by Keio University in Japan, they are able to differentiate the image of a human and that of an animal, and even to distinguish the genders. Even crazier, during this experiment, the Japanese researchers succeeded in making pigeons recognize paintings by Monet and Picasso. Otherwise, the always so surprising and known aspect of the animal is its power to travel more than 1,000 kilometers while managing to find its way back to its shelter.

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