It took more than a month of legal proceedings for the authorities to decide on the fate of Pierre Palmade. Indicted for “injury and involuntary homicide”, the actor is responsible for a serious accident which occurred on Friday February 10, on the D372, at the level of Villiers-en-Bière (Seine-et-Marne). Under the influence of cocaine, Pierre Palmade had hit a vehicle head-on, causing three serious injuries, including a pregnant woman who has since lost her baby.

A week after the events, on February 16, Pierre Palmade was placed in police custody at the hospital in Melun (Seine-et-Marne). The next day, still bedridden, he was placed under judicial control by the judge of freedom and detention of Melun. He was then required to wear an electronic bracelet. However, the Melun prosecution immediately opposed the decision and appealed.

On February 27, the investigating chamber of the Paris Court of Appeal agreed with the prosecution and decided to place Pierre Palmade in pre-trial detention at the Paul-Brousse hospital. She believed that a risk of recidivism existed and that the comedian could drive again under the influence of cocaine.

On March 6, a reversal of the situation disrupted the course of the legal proceedings. The investigating judge in charge of the investigation decided to lift the provisional detention of Pierre Palmade for medical reasons. The comedian’s lawyer, Me Céline Lasek, had insisted on the need to take into consideration his fragile state of health. Indeed, on February 25, Pierre Palmade suffered a stroke and was immediately operated on at the Kremlin-Bicêtre hospital (Val-de-Marne), reveal 20 Minutes . They had then removed his electronic bracelet.

While Pierre Palmade’s state of health was once again stable, the Melun prosecutor appealed the decision of March 6, firmly opposed to the release under judicial supervision of the actor. What about now?

While the prosecution appealed to demand the imprisonment of Pierre Palmade again, a hearing was held on Friday March 10. Justice then had to decide on the fate of the actor still hospitalized in the Kremlin-Bicêtre. Me Céline Lasek, lawyer for the comedian, then defended his transfer to the addiction service of the Paul-Brousse hospital in Villejuif, report our colleagues from Marianne. She provided medical certificates according to which the current state of health of the actor would not be compatible with his detention. She recommended his continued release under judicial supervision for a period of one month. The Melun prosecutor’s office wanted the actor to be remanded in custody.

This Tuesday, March 14, in the morning, the investigating chamber of the Paris Court of Appeal finally responded favorably to the requests of Pierre Palmade’s lawyer and kept him free under judicial supervision.

This Tuesday, March 14, the magistrates considered that “the state of health of Pierre Palmade was not incompatible with continued detention” but that “the evolution of this state of health reduced the risks which had founded the decision to remand in custody.” In other words, the magistrates returned to their fear of a potential recurrence of Pierre Palmade, thus canceling the need to place him in pre-trial detention.

Judicial review prohibits Pierre Palmade “from leaving the hospital where he is being cared for”. He may, however, receive visits from his relatives.