Detention or freedom? A month to the day after the serious road accident he caused on a departmental road in Seine-et-Marne, the actor Pierre Palmade is still not fixed on his fate. Released at the start of the week after being remanded in custody, the comedian could lose his freedom on Tuesday March 14 and the decision of the Paris Court of Appeal.

How to explain these back and forths of justice? The investigating judge announced that he would lift Pierre Palmade’s pre-trial detention on Monday March 6 for medical reasons, a decision which the prosecution had appealed. The Paris Court of Appeal ordered the release of the 54-year-old actor the next day. Still disagreeing with this decision, the Melun prosecution had initiated a summary detention on the decision of the investigating judge. The objective, to confirm or deny the end of the pre-trial detention of the comedian.

The Paris Court of Appeal ruled this Friday behind closed doors, without the presence of Pierre Palmade and announced that it would render its decision next Tuesday, March 14, at 9 a.m. As BFMTV explains, the three magistrates may decide to leave him under judicial control or place him again in pre-trial detention, pending his trial.

As a reminder, the actor had been imprisoned on February 27 in his hospital room, where he had started his pre-trial detention and never went to prison. Two weeks after the accident on February 10, he suffered a stroke, had to undergo an operation and is still hospitalized. If Pierre Palmade regained freedom at the beginning of the week, the latter is subject to many conditions…

To remain free and respect his judicial control, Pierre Palmade must respect strict conditions, as Planet explained to you this week.

As a reminder, the comedian is indicted for “homicide and unintentional injuries by driver who used narcotics in a state of legal recidivism”. A month after the accident, here is what we know about the condition of the other three victims.

Three people were in the vehicle hit by that of Pierre Palmade on Friday, February 10. Among them is a six-month-pregnant woman who lost her unborn child. According to the latest findings from medical examinations, she gave birth by caesarean section to a fetus that was born “viable and alive” at 10.18 p.m. and which was pronounced dead at 10.51 p.m., almost half an hour later. Information which confirmed the reason for the prosecution against Pierre Palmade for “homicide and involuntary injuries”.

According to information from BFMTV this Friday, March 10, the six-year-old boy who was in the vehicle left Necker hospital at the end of February, after spending six days in a coma. He was hit in the head and had his jaw broken. When he left the hospital he “had difficulty speaking, drinking and eating”, adds the news channel, but “his arms and feet could still move”.

Her 38-year-old father had to undergo numerous operations because some of his vital organs were affected in the shock. BFMTV specifies that he will probably have difficulty walking again, because his left foot is “very damaged”.