Since 2008, the Caesarized actor Pierre Niney has been living happy days with his partner, the Australian photographer Natasha Andrews. The couple became parents to two daughters: Lola, born in 2017 and Billie, born in 2019. Like some celebrities before him, the Goliath actor decided to settle far from the capital and the media fuss that it follows. This is what he revealed in the columns of Psychology Magazine in 2021.

“I was starting to suffer from Paris and today I don’t see myself living in the city at all,” he said and added: “I live in a place with no one around me, I have a time unlimited, until exhaustion, to read books, watch movies, and lose myself in a story. I love doing this so much! Especially at night, when no one calls me… My great luxury, my great joy is to be able to choose my moments of solitude”.

The 33-year-old actor seems to enjoy the simple things in life, as he explained later in the interview. “My pleasures always come from what connects me very strongly to the present. Like playing sports, surfing, basketball… Or playing with my daughters. I’ve always loved playing. With them, that doesn’t matter. not moved. And I wish them, for later, the lightness of laughter”, he explained and to conclude: “Laugh with the people I love. That’s magnificent. I’ve never taken anything, but I imagine that it’s quite close to drugs, a giggle… It’s a shot of love and complicity, a dropout, a snub to death quite exhilarating! a bit addicted”.

On November 1, the actor will be on the big screen in the film Masquerade, alongside Marine Vacth, Isabelle Adjani or even Fran├žois Cluzet. In the meantime, his fans will be able to find him this Sunday, October 9 in the film Save or perish on France 2.