Since 2008, the Caesarized actor Pierre Niney has been living happy days alongside his partner, the Australian photographer Natasha Andrews. The lovers are parents of two daughters: Lola, born in 2017 and Billie, born in 2019.

In an interview with Psychologie Magazine, the 33-year-old actor spoke about his daily life as a dad. “My pleasures always come from what connects me very strongly to the present. Like playing sports, surfing, basketball… Or playing with my daughters. I’ve always loved playing. With them, that doesn’t matter. not moved. And I wish them, for later, the lightness of laughter”, he had declared. Jean Dujardin’s sidekick in OSS 117: Red Alert in Black Africa also confided in his little pleasures in life: “Laughing with the people I love. That’s wonderful. I’ve never nothing taken, but I imagine it’s quite close to drugs, a giggle… It’s a shot of love and complicity, a dropout, a snub to death quite exhilarating! I’m even a little addicted to it”.

What relationship does he have with his girlfriend? According to his secrets in the Question Box, the actor is not jealous for a penny. “Around 0%, 1%, great maximum”, he had declared and to add: “It particularly annoyed some of my exes who did not find me jealous enough. But I find that it is not the best way to prove his love! It’s not the prettiest”.

Quite discreet about their intimate life, the couple only appears on the red carpet on rare occasions. Planet has selected their most beautiful appearances for you in our slideshow.