Pierre Lescure: who is his wife Frédérique, Coluche’s last companion?


The former president of Canal should return to France 2 soon. According to information from our colleagues from Paris, Pierre Lescure will be featured in a weekly magazine “dedicated to the 7th art” which he will host from January 2023. He will offer a program in the second part of the evening in which “he will receive figures from French and international cinema”.

Still according to our colleagues, this program should replace the program Passages des arts, hosted since 2019 by Claire Chazal, the former flagship presenter of the TF1 television news. The purpose of this programming change would be to “relaunch audiences from the box to the lowest”. Indeed, the previous programs would have received “a score much too low for the public channel”.

The former president of the Cannes Film Festival has had love stories with women well known to the general public. He was the companion of radio and TV journalist Hélène Vida. The latter died on May 24, 2015 in Berlin at the age of 76. After their idyll, Pierre Lescure shared the life of the French novelist Katherine Pancol then with the actress Catherine Deneuve as well as Nathalie Baye. From 1996, he became the husband of Frédérique Fayles-Bernstein, who was the last companion of comedian Coluche. They adopted a little girl named Anna.

Pierre Lescure confided frankly about his wife in the columns of Gala in 2012. “He is someone who does not go unnoticed. Even exuberant in the way of dressing, she has always had something reserved in her attitude and gloomy look,” he said and added: “I think she carries a sense of tragedy. But it’s not at all sad, on the contrary, it’s gorgeous”. Planet invites you to discover them in photos in our slideshow.