(Montreal) It is with the humility that we know him that Pierre Bruneau, a young retiree after half a century of journalism and hosting on the airwaves of the TVA and LCN networks, received the Prize for Lifetime Achievement. career, presented Tuesday evening in Toronto at the Canadian Screen Awards gala. Everything will be broadcast this Sunday evening on CBC and its GEM platform.

Rather than hold a gala live on television as is customary, the Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television unveiled the list of its honorees in January and dedicated a week of celebrations to them, culminating this weekend.

Mr. Bruneau was honored in the Queen City last Tuesday evening, where the “significant impact” of his career on the Canadian audiovisual industry was highlighted.

The winner took a break from the world tour he has been doing for a few weeks with his wife Ginette St-Cyr – he was in Africa the day before the award ceremony – to pick up his trophy.

“I was very surprised by this recognition, but it is so appreciated! ” confides the main interested party in a telephone interview with La Presse Canadienne.

The Quebecer is the first Francophone to see all of his work celebrated. “To my knowledge, there have not been, or not many, who have been recognized for their entire careers across Canada […] Many would have deserved it, but I accept it with great humility . I’m so happy deep down! exclaims the information veteran.

Mr. Bruneau, 70, retired following the October 3 provincial general election. Already, his impressive career had been the subject of several well-felt tributes during the weeks preceding and following this departure.

“Beloved by the public, this is not his first accolade: he has won the Artis award for best news anchor 23 times and has been presented with numerous honors for his outstanding contributions to the community, including the Medal of the Queen’s Jubilee in 2002,” the Academy recalled.

Whether it’s the election of the very first PQ government, the two referendums and their aftermath, the attempted attacks on Pope John Paul II or US President Ronald Reagan, the mass shooting at Polytechnique, the explosion of the Challenger shuttle, disasters such as the Saguenay flood or the ice storm, not to mention the organization of some forty provincial, municipal or federal elections and the moderation of a dozen leaders’ debates, Pierre Bruneau was certainly the first witness, but also the first reporter, of the transformations and events that have shaped the Quebec of today.

“I have been through all these situations that have happened both at home and elsewhere. I was on the front line of all these events that happened one after the other and I made sure to give the information to the public, he says. So 50 years passed and I didn’t realize it! »

“Our role, as a journalist, as an informant, is to provide information and reassure the population. It is to inform correctly and honestly,” adds Mr. Bruneau.

Five decades of information that would not have been possible without, on the one hand, the support and trust of his employer, and on the other hand, the love and trust shown to him by Quebec viewers.

“During all this time, I did my job with the rigor and passion that I am known for, realizes the seasoned journalist. I consider myself privileged to have been able to accompany Quebecers for all these years. »

Now retired, Mr. Bruneau plans to savor every moment spent with his loved ones and continue his journey around the world.

He finally thinks of himself rather than the next big news, and that suits him well, by his own admission.

“After 50 years in the spotlight, I’m craving some shade. And I take advantage of it. »