The sublime Miss France 2015, Camille Cerf, confided in her fans about her weight gain, as reported by our colleagues from Purepeople. Since her victory in the Miss France election, the young woman of 27 years would have gained weight. An evolution of her body that the pretty brunette seems to have trouble managing. “It’s difficult because even if I advocate Body Positive and I find all bodies very beautiful, I’m very hard on mine, she explained and added: “I took a lot of weight lately – I would say 10-15 kilos, I don’t weigh myself – because of the love, the stress and the fast pace”.

In this moment of confidence, the companion of Théo Fleury affirms that he no longer recognizes himself. “I don’t feel good. I don’t recognize myself. Some people see themselves as bigger than they are and well, I’m the opposite. In everyday life, I feel super thin so it’s It’s very difficult when I’m confronted with the reality of my image in photos or on TV (…) I don’t recognize myself and it weighs on me a lot”.

Upset, the young woman seems to have entered a vicious circle: “As I feel bad about myself, I compensate by comforting myself with food. I have a lot of work-related annoyances at the moment. I hope that they will settle quickly so that I can finally feel better in my head and then in my body”, she added.

A situation all the more difficult that it has become, by virtue of its title of Miss France, is a public figure. “And being an extra Miss France on the networks is difficult. Because we compare ourselves to everyone all the time”. Discover the canon photos of Miss France 2015.