Photos: these stars who refused to shoot in a film that became cult


Throughout their careers, actors choose their next film based on the script. While some feature films were quickly forgotten, others shone at the box office. We remember in particular the dramatic film Intouchables embodied by Omar Sy and François Cluzet. But did you know that François Cluzet was not the production’s first choice? Indeed, it is the French actor Daniel Auteuil who had been chosen to embody the character of Philippe, the aristocrat who has become a quadriplegic. But that’s not the only role he turned down. He had also been offered to participate in the filming of the film Welcome to the Ch’tis by Dany Boon. A film that made more than 20 million admissions at the box office.

“I had said no to Dany Boon because it didn’t seem like a good idea to reunite so quickly, with him, the duo of My Best Friend by Patrice Leconte. As for Intouchables, filming fell at the time of editing my own film, The Well-Digger’s Daughter. But I voted “Omar Sy” for the César for best actor”, Daniel Auteuil told Le Progrès in 2012. Does he regret having refused to play in this acclaimed film? ? Not at all. “Never have any regrets. Except for not having the physique of the romantic heroes of Musset. In general, I don’t remember the films I made, nor the money they brought in. My memory does not keep than people and places. So much the better if there are films that explode everything, I cling more to the moments of life”, he added.

But Daniel Auteuil is not the only celebrity to have missed out on a golden role. The actor and director Maurice Barthélémy had revealed in the video of the youtubers McFly and Carlito to have refused the role of Asterix in the film Asterix at the Olympic Games as well as in The Kids.

Find out which other stars have missed out on a movie that has become essential.