Photos: discover the sublime family album of Iris Mittenaere!


A clan united around its Miss. Since her crowning at the election of Miss France in 2015, Iris Mittenaere has experienced a meteoric rise. After winning the sash of Miss Universe 2016, the beautiful northerner multiplied professional collaborations, she distinguished herself brilliantly in Dance with the stars before becoming a TV host on TF1.

An incredible journey that she has made under the admiring and benevolent gaze of her loved ones. Starting with Laurence Druart, the mother of Miss Universe. She is a former school teacher, as well as a former guide lecturer at the Flanders Museum in Cassel. As for his father Yves Mittenaere, he is a professor of history and geography at the college of Canet en Roussillon. Residing in Villelongue-de-la-Salanque, he lives in this small town with the mother-in-law of Iris as well as Manon, the half-sister of Miss Universe 2016.

You understood, Iris Mittenaere can also count on the support of this young half-sister very followed on social networks, as well as her big brother Baptiste and her big sister Cassandre. Very complicit, the siblings do not hesitate to publish their moments of happiness on the web. Without forgetting his darling Diego El Glaoui who shares the life of the beautiful Miss for more than a year.

For the occasion, Planet reveals the most beautiful photos of the family of Iris Mittenaere, to discover in the slideshow below.