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Before meeting Nathalie Marquay, the mother of his last two children, the ex-presenter of the JT of TF1 Jean-Pierre Pernaut was in a relationship with a certain Dominique Bonnet. The couple gave birth to two children: Olivier and Julia. The first is a motor racing enthusiast. The second is a gynecologist in Amiens.

After breaking up with the mother of his first two children, he met Nathalie Marquay on December 8, 2001 during the Miss France 2002 election. The pretty Miss and the television presenter became the happy parents of two children: Lou and Tom . New births that upset the journalist.

“She made me look younger, but not only. Nathalie was close to death. Since then, she has taken a different view of the world and passed it on to me. We are united. And becoming a father again at 52 and then at 53 has upset my life”, he said in Paris match and to add: “I often accompany Lou in judo and Tom in tennis. Fatherhood over 50 years old, I thought it was not reasonable. I was wrong “.

Since the disappearance of her husband Jean-Pierre Pernaut on March 2, 2022, the former Miss France has had to live with the absence of the father of her children. In an interview with Ciné Télé Revue, the pretty brunette revealed that she saw signs of her husband since his disappearance. “I believe in angels, in life after death,” she said and added: “For two months, I left the hospital every evening at 9 p.m. and the Eiffel Tower was off. he died, on the way out, it was on, it was twinkling. That’s when we had our first date at the restaurant (…) The next day, I go to my car and, turning on the radio, there was his favorite Johnny Hallyday song ‘Allumer le feu'”, she explained.

She would not be the only one since her daughter Lou Pernaut would have been the first to receive “signs” from her father. “His TV turned on by itself at 1 a.m. There was a movie where a man said, ‘I’m proud of you, my daughter’. And it turned off right after,” she explained. , just like his son Tom: “The evening of the presidential debate, he was in front of a photo where he kept saying: ‘Dad, give me a sign’. All of a sudden, our two TVs went stopped short, the image was frozen (…) There were plenty of other messages that I keep to myself”.

Very active on social networks, the Pernaut clan does not hesitate to share several photos of their daily life with the family. The opportunity for Planet to reveal their most beautiful photos.