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– There have been phishing emails in circulation, in which the use of an e-mail address, but it seems to be referring to the local police Brussels-Capital-Ixelles / elsene. That the report from the Brussels police department is on Twitter. “It’s going to be an e-mail address, but it seems to point to our old domain name, but there is nothing to do with us,” says politiewoordvoerder Olivier, Slosse. “If such an email is responded to, is is best to contact the local police department.”

“For the avoidance of doubt, we do not have any complaints and for not know some of the victims,” says the commissioner, Slosse. “It’s a federal law-enforcement officials notify us that the e-mails in circulation. It’s going to send that e-mail address to be used. This is not an e-mail address that we can use or have ever used. It would seem to point to the old domain name, but we have never had any e-mail addresses are used to that end All of our current e-mail addresses that end with now at the police department.belgium.the eu.”

at The Brussels police department has a link to the website, where the internet user with information and tips to protect yourself from such phishing e-mail, and other forms of internet fraud.

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