The times, in which the Opel-Zoo is a public right of way will be cut, could approach the end. The Kronberger city Council approved on Thursday evening by a large majority an Amendment to the development plan for the site of the outdoor enclosure. After that, the Zoo might make the philosopher’s walk to the private road, where the weggrund piece remains the property of the city of Kronberg. Also a part of the former to Parking in the Meadow officially declared as makeshift Parking lots. She uses the Zoo to particularly visit strong days. 13 it was in this year. The other part is to remain, however, as Extensive grassland in the future, completely free of cars.

Bernhard Biener

correspondent of the Rhein-Main-Zeitung for the high Taunus district.

F. A. Z.

It is not the first start-up of the Opel-zoo, to unite his premises. Recently, an attempt of the two neighboring towns of Kronberg and Königstein failed 2015. In both cities, there are persistent opponent, the philosopher’s path is a historically important connection between the cities. But there is also a different perspective on the discussion. Because of the way numbers can be used to gaze at the animals – with no entrance fee. The emotional dispute also explains the rules, which provides for an agreement with the Zoo Foundation. Kronberg and königstein can happen with a chip card the way furthermore, free of charge. To do this, you need to leave him in a certain period of time at the other end. The first, provided for 30-minute time limit has now been extended to an hour.

discount 50%

For control over the philosopher’s path, pays the Opel-Zoo is yet another price. Citizen of Kronberg and Königstein get to the year, a reduction of 50 percent. This discount was initially planned for a period of ten years with renewal option for another ten. The CDU sought to lift this restriction and the entire duration of the contract to extend.

the first city Council Robert settler (independent) informed at the beginning of the debate on deviations from the template, which made several Amendments to the proposal by the FDP and Kronberg for the citizens (KFB) obsolete. So the Parking will not attached square with gravel or Grass pavers, said settlers, but rather to remain a Meadow. The number of additional Parking spaces will reduce from 250 to 195 and to an absolute minimum. Also, you waive a footprint for the building at the Fritz-Emmel-Haus, a scout home. The town of Kronberg had to the opportunity open to build on the tent in a refugee accommodation. For this purpose you don’t see any more need to said of the First city Council.

More than 1300 signatures against closure

As the only group of the KFB refused, nevertheless, to the template. Heide-Margaret Esen-Baur pointed to the Parking needs of the swimming pool, railway station and public transport.

Against the closure of the Philosophenwegs, in turn, more than 1300 signatures were three years ago, in the neighboring towns collected. The Zoo in fear of vandalism was “unoccupied”, the operational disadvantages of the “advanced or self-caused.” As a compromise, the KFB see a closure of the existing gates over night.

Helfried Moosbrugger (CDU) called it, however, gratifying, to increase the suggestions of the FDP and the CDU request that the crossing time to one hour, the entrance in the would have found. As understandable of the SPD parliamentary group Chairman Christoph König described the desire of the zoo, for safety and operating reasons to want the public right of way. Contrary to the critics depicted in the old maps showed as a traditional connection between Kronberg and Königstein, the today’s Federal highway 455. In addition, it is acceptable to use the Scheibel Bush trail as an Alternative. With a total of 900 meters, it was 41 metres longer than the Philosophenweg and the difference in height is 63 instead of 56 meters, only slightly larger.