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At the beginning of the seventies, the composer Phillip Glass, one of the pioneers of the music repetitive , was very far from being the star that he became after the 80s. Then malvivía and earned his living as a taxi driver, plumber or employee of a mover. When she could play his compositions gathered in small galleries, museums, or in the lofts of their friends and patron to a group of musicians that attended the birth of his technique and of his work, long before you dazzle the whole world with large pieces.

as it had yesterday Joshua Barone the journal “The New York Times,” on occasion, the musician was forced to sell his hand-written scores in order to get to the end of the month. One of those old leaves, set, written in pencil with strokes, very fast, corresponds to a piece of germinal: “Music for eight parts”, in which the style of Glass was heard in all its magic and dimension of a mode pristine.

The score changed hands for a few dollars , and then lost. The musician and his environment, as well as some institutions of the contemporary music had lost the hope of recovering a piece of that there were only a few notes isolated.

The surprise came when it was detected in an auction of Christie’s, in which is finished off with a price 43.750 dollars, where he was quickly rescued by the environment of Phillip Glass, who has been able to review it.

That piece that only a few ears of privileged people were able to hear 50 years ago has just resurfaced , thanks to a new version performed by the ensemble of the artist, fifty years after its premiere, and since this week is available in a recording edited by Orange Mountain Music.

members of the Philip Glass Ensemble compare it to a Picasso lost, because it is “exactly the centerpiece of the early period of the production of Glass.” Composed in 1969, was released in 1970, in a concert that was played between “Music in fifths” and “Music with parts changing”, that were the embryo of his masterpiece “Music in 12 parts”

The title “Music in eight parts” refers to the number of voices contrapuntísticas put in play . It has a duration of about 20 minutes and all the complexity of the texture itself of the music of Glass.

The plans that almost breaks the pandemic

The trials were underway for a revival and then came the pandemic . Even so, the Ensemble has decided to burn it in the distance from their household and to mix it that was published as planned, in the spring 2020 .

The cover of the album is a work of Sol LeWitt , a friend of the composer who already illustrated with your plastic the covers of several recordings, among which stands out “Music for 12 parts”. LeWitt is among those who helped to survive with loans friendly to the Phillip Glass of the last 60 years and early 70s. The circle, as in the author’s pieces, so is closed.