as King Philippe and queen Mathilde of belgium are in Tuesday morning for the Grand-duchy of Luxembourg, headed out for a three-day state visit. That is, they do it for the first time in the train. For that purpose, and the delegation explained to the NMBS / sncb is an additional connection from the railway station Brussels-luxemburg / Luxembourg.

That is where it sounds symbolic, but it was mostly for organizational purposes, proposed by the SOUTH. In a smaller station, it could be the inconvenience to the other passengers will be limited. On the brussels-Luxembourg-remained open, but the sixth and last platform was held in front of the royal delegation, and are protected by the police.

in Addition to Philippe and Mathilde of belgium stepped out of about 100 delegates on board, ranging from paleismedewerkers on the link to the media. The special train consists of five cars, all of them eersteklasrijtuigen the RAILWAY, in the normal service use. On the windows are stickers and the Belgian coat-of-arms pasted on it. The train ride was not posted on the signs to departing trains in the middle. He was not listed on the web site of the national railway, SNCB, with the provision of services.

At departure, and spoke to the steward and the king, the queen, and their fellow passengers over the intercom again: “Thank you very much for choosing a sustainable mode of transport.” Normally, to take Philippe and Mathilde of belgium and for each of the state’s regeringsvliegtuig, but they thought it was environmentally irresponsible to transport it to a neighboring country. In the car, such as at the end of 2016, for a state visit to the Netherlands, it was at this time on the side affected. If all of the delegates, politicians, business people, academics and journalists – as individuals we arrive, the welcome is too complex for that. One group will make it easier to use. And there was no risk of traffic jams on the highway.

It was only the third Belgian state to the Luxembourg, and at 60 years old – a king can do that only once in his term in office to do. Albert II, took place in 1994 on a plane to the next-door neighbors. Baldwin was, in 1959, also by train. He left at that time at the train station from the Room. On the border – in those days it was still there, the customs, and the train stopped and a short ceremony will be organised. At this time, riding the “king” of delegation, in a single move, so that’s three hours later in Luxembourg, to arrive.

finally, the grand Duke Henry, his nephew, king Philip and his entourage picked up at the railway station of Luxembourg-city. He leads them to the grand-ducal palace for the state visit will officially start with a welcome ceremony. The first day is mostly ceremonial, with the highlight being the state banquet tonight. Also, with the return leg on Thursday by a train.

Photos: basis of Image: basis of Image: basis of Image: basis of Image: basis of More about the King, Philip the Errors in the state: in the car, that the royals have to carry, doesn’t want to start a Small country, it is of great importance: why is the state of Philip and Matilda, with their Luxembourgish neighbors, and family are, however, useful as it is At Elizabeth, through the lens of a court photographer to king Philip: and crown princess will get a stamp for the eighteenth birthday