America, you have it better! So it is in the thesis of Margarita Mathiopoulos, 1986 by the Philosophical faculty of the University of Bonn, accepted, and in 1987, under the title of “America: The Experiment of progress” as a book published, not literally, but in spirit, to each of the 362 pages. One might ask how anyone could hold, translated into English, with a Preface by Gordon Craig provided a doctor working for an independent performance, such as promotion orders require. America, you’re better? This is Goethe!

But who wants to pay tribute to the Doctoral thesis, according to a report on the appointment of the author as an honorary Professor of the TU Braunschweig, Germany 1995 “sustainable resonance in professional circles found”, but since a “mirror”-article now 29 years much more sustainable response in the press; anyone who wants to be this magnum opus et mixtum, the characterized another positive opinion from the Brunswick method as a “sponge”, “absorbs everything”; who pulls of by two commissions of the University of Bonn and, in the meantime, five of the court in instances of pending critical duty once again finally, can’t help it, decorate with foreign feathers.

Too much

Because of you may spread via Margarita Mathiopoulos, without a to be the counter-statement to claim-coated: she’s with the classics! quotes The was for your doctor father, Karl Dietrich Bracher, and actually also for Willy Brandt, who wanted to leave as a living monument of the SPD, the young books fool to speak for themselves, in their library, unfortunately, the party the book was missing, which then led to the monument fall. Also your proficient law in the proceedings against the 2012 outspoken but recognition of the title of doctor, she found advisers under the much-quoted: Peter Raue (1969 doctorate at the FU Berlin to the literary youth protection) and Gregor Gysi (1975 doctorate at the HU Berlin for the perfection of the socialist Law).