Produced By Conference Delves Into AI, Deepfakes, and Budget Constraints

The Producers Guild of America’s 14th annual Produced By conference in Los Angeles tackled a range of pressing issues facing content producers in today’s rapidly evolving landscape. From the implications of generative AI tools to the challenges of combating deepfake creations, producers were urged to stay ahead of the curve and protect their creative works.

The conference featured insightful panels discussing the impact of AI on copyright protection, with legal experts emphasizing the need for new rules to navigate the evolving digital landscape. Ghaith Mahmood, a partner at Latham & Watkins, shed light on the complexities of copyright protection in the age of generative AI, highlighting the importance of human creativity in the creation process.

Renard T. Jenkins, president of I2A2 Technologies, stressed the need for clean data bases and consent provisions in AI tools used in filmmaking to ensure artists maintain control over their work. The conversation also turned to the rise of deepfake videos, with producers like Lori McCreary sharing personal experiences of encountering convincing fakes involving prominent figures like Morgan Freeman.

As the industry grapples with shrinking budgets and changing production dynamics, veteran producers at the conference discussed the importance of diversity and ethical standards in filmmaking. Stephanie Allain, owner of Homegrown Pictures, emphasized the need for inclusivity in hiring practices, while producers like Brad Simpson and Lynette Howell Taylor highlighted the importance of maintaining integrity in creative decision-making.

The conference concluded with a forward-looking discussion on the future of producing, with industry leaders like Greg Berlanti and Chuck Roven addressing the challenges and opportunities facing the industry. Despite economic uncertainties, the consensus was clear – producers play a vital role in delivering content to audiences hungry for new stories.

Overall, the Produced By conference served as a platform for producers to engage with cutting-edge technologies, ethical dilemmas, and industry trends, reaffirming the crucial role they play in shaping the future of entertainment.