Gasoline and diesel fuel will be on Thursday, as predicted, more and more expensive. According to a statement from the federal department of public Economy. The maximum price for a litre of petrol 95 (E10) is up 6.4 cents per litre. For diesel (B7) there are 2.9 cents per gallon in the.

The increase was expected and is a result of the increase in oil prices in the international market, after a droneaanval over the past weekend, in the heart of the Saudi oil and gas industry.

The new maximum price for a litre of motor fuel to 95 (E10) is, therefore, up 6.4 cents per litre, up to 1,5240 of the euro. In the case of petrol 98 (C5) there is a 6.8-cents-per-litre at 1,5720 euro per liter. The new maximum price for diesel (B7) rate is as of Thursday, 1,5510 euros per litre (+2,9 cent).

you can Also have an LPG refueling will be more expensive. The new price cap is 0,5070 euros per litre, representing an increase of 5 cents per gallon.

Droneaanval in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia

The price hikes are the result of the droneaanvallen on two oil installations in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, on Friday. That country is explained as a result of the attacks take place on a temporary basis with half of the oil will reach a standstill, and accordingly the rising tensions in the region, pushing oil prices up.

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