The animal protection organization Peta is known for their violent reactions with their protests. But this time it went a bit wrong. On Twitter, Peta called on Tuesday to sensitive with formulations that violence against animals trivialize. The organization provided five proposals by the Proverbs in the future, could be replaced. So for example, “Kill two birds with one stone should be slain” ( literally: two birds with one stone, to kill Two birds with one stone replaced) by the similar sounding “Feed two birds with one scone” (two birds with one Scone-Gebäch feed).

As a justification, the organization wrote: “it is acceptable to use racist, homophobic or discriminatory language, phrases that trivialize cruelty to animals will disappear.”

It was especially the comparison with other discriminatory Comments that infuriated many Twitter users. “It is absolutely absurd to compare these turns with racism and homophobia is an insult,” wrote one user.

Particularly Vegans from the acts of the formulations as ridiculous. “Animals are not offended by human language. I’m vegan and this is useless,“ wrote a woman. “Well Peta. Even I hate now Vegan and I’m vegan,“ wrote another. Others referred to the fact that Peta would address better the real animal welfare problems.

Other Twitter users expressed their malice on the formulation of proposals. So a smugly noted that “Two birds with one Scone-biscuits to feed” a Discrimination for people with Gluten-Allergy.