Since 1. January may not sell Pet shops in California, only dogs, cats and rabbits from animal shelters or nonprofit rescue organizations. Animal rights groups see the measure as a progress against the so-called “kitten factories” and “mass breeding farms for dogs”, as the American news channel CNN reported. Animal rights activists fear the “high-volume” pet industry an unworthy treatment of the animals, which could lead to health problems. California is the first state to introduce such a scheme.

According to the legislation, store operators have to submit proof of Origin of the animals, which must be attached legible on the cage or enclosure. If the evidence is not observed, threatens a penalty of 500 us dollars per animal. The business must also give public animal control agencies or animal shelters to have a regular access to the records. In contrast to animal actions of the individual are allowed to buy persons with private breeders Pets.

The so-called “Pet Rescue and Adoption Act” was introduced by the member of the Parliament, the chamber of Patrick O’donnell and in October 2017 from California Governor Jerry Brown signed. The Democrat O’Donnell the new law as a “big win for our four-legged friends”, and also for the taxpayer. Because this would be spent annually more than 250 million American dollars for housing, and Euthanasia of animals in animal shelters.

Some California pet store owners have expressed concerns that the law could have an impact on your business. Also, the American Kennel Club, the largest umbrella Association of pedigree dog breeders in the United States, considered the regulation critical because the animal would holder affected by this.