The holidays are approaching, when they have not already settled in. And with them, they bring their share of summer scents. There are of course the scents of long holidays but also the feeling of hot sand, the pleasure of idleness… and the rapprochements.

As indicated by experts from the Reader’s digest, relayed by Santé Magazine, high temperatures are synonymous with an explosion of libido. A phenomenon that can be explained for different reasons, starting with the lighter outfits worn to cope with the rise of the thermometer. Shorter clothes, which show the skin, also help to boost nervous stimuli.

But summer is also an opportunity to decompress, to feel lighter and therefore more open to intimate relationships. Sunlight, combined with outdoor walks and reduced stress, promotes the production of serotonin and pleasure hormones.

But to take advantage of the benefits of the sun and the heat, it is clear that the dream stay of each person will turn out to be very different from one profile to another. Just take a look at the most popular destinations for French women and men for the summer of 2022 to be convinced.

The country, indicates La Dépêche on its site, appears divided into two groups: the aficionados of holidays abroad and those who, by desire or necessity, stay in France throughout the summer. In fact, 56% of holidaymakers have chosen to stay in France.

In their eyes, three regions appear particularly attractive, reports the daily. This is Provence-Alpes-Côte-d’Azur (PACA) towards which 23% of tourists plan to go, but also Occitanie, which attracts up to 20% of holidaymakers. Without forgetting, of course, New Aquitaine (18%).

Therefore, a question persists: which perfume to choose for summer 2022? Should we opt for a tangy note or prefer a fruity scent? Some might even be tempted by warm, if not sensual, scents. According to the experts at OnBuy Women’s Perfume, whose analysis is featured in Version Femina magazine, 10 scents could be particularly useful for finding love on the beach. They are considered aphrodisiacs at the end of the study carried out on the basis of the scientific data available to the specialists. The list in our slideshow, which you will find below.