This production, inspired by the work of feminist artist Judy Chicago, is one of the most anticipated creations of the theatrical season. With her new play, author and director Gabrielle Lessard offers a reflection on artistic freedom, identity and resistance to the antagonistic forces of society. “Judy highlights the importance of art as a force for change and celebrates the individual’s ability to reinvent themselves and challenge established social norms,” we write on the Center du Théâtre d’Aujourd’ website. today, where the show presented by seven performers will be presented.

To close the centenary year of Jean Paul Riopelle, Les 7 Doigts have created an immersive show during which around 150 of the famous painter’s most emblematic works will be projected at 360 degrees. On stage, circus artists will blend into this imagery as with this acrobatic dance number, performed with infrared movement sensors, which will help create in real time a digital mosaic typical of the large canvases of the 1950s. At this show, a multimedia exhibition of Riopelle’s works will be presented in an adjacent studio.

Yves Jacques and Mathieu Quesnel form an astonishing duo in the Quebec theater community. Friends and accomplices both on stage and in life, the star of Decline of the American Empire and the actor from SNL Québec are collaborating once again on a promising creation on the stages of the Théâtre Espace Libre, this winter, entitled Les ânes sisters. “This intimate comedy depicts in an offbeat way and with a good dose of humor the story of two men who try to overcome loneliness in their own way,” summarizes the press release. A celebration of life, theater and intergenerational friendship.

We know Robert Lepage’s passion for wrestling, but also his penchant for the circus. The director combines these two passions for the first time by teaming up with the Quebec collective Flip Fabrique to present SLAM!, “a wrestling gala where punches, rants and theatrical stunts rub shoulders”, which will feature eight circus artists. This “hypertheatre” show staged by Lepage is co-produced by Le Diamant et la Tohu, which will host this show a few weeks later in Montreal.

The author Roxanne Bouchard immersed herself in the world of the Canadian army to bring back the testimonies of around thirty soldiers “who experienced Afghanistan”. The soldiers revealed themselves to the point of shaking the deepest convictions of the one facing them. This sensitive matter is at the heart of the play 5 bullets in the head, directed by François Bernier and defended by a solid cast of eight performers, including Maxim Gaudette, Éric Robidoux and Sylvie De Morais. A spectacle that promises to be confronting.

Sting’s Greatest Hits – Every Breath You Take, Roxanne, Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic, Walking On The Moon, etc. – will be set in motion by British choreographer Kate Prince, known for promoting street dance in her country. On stage, the 15 performers from the ZooNation company move through 28 dance scenes which are inspired by the drama of migrants to tell a perilous human adventure, certainly, but one driven by hope, joy and resilience. An evening that promises to delight the eyes and ears, co-production of the renowned Sadler’s Wells Theater and Universal Music UK, presented by the broadcaster Danse Danse.

“A young girl spends her entire life on the shore of a lake. She loves the lake, like a seagull, and she is happy and free, like a seagull. But a man arrives by chance and, when he sees her, out of idleness, kills her… Like a seagull. » Unlike Trigorin in his play, Chekhov does not need a subject to move us with his theater which mixes the profound, the insignificant, the sublime and the ridiculous… Like life. Catherine Vidal directs this classic of Russian theater, adapted by Guillaume Corbeil, with among others the actors Renaud Lacelle-Bourdon and Macha Limonchik.

To say that this piece is expected is an understatement. Imagine: the incantatory words of Marie-Claire Blais (taken from the last novel published during her lifetime), adapted by Kevin Lambert and carried by a multi-star cast which notably includes Louise Laprade, Christiane Pasquier, Jean Marchand and Sylvie Léonard! In addition, Denis Marleau and Stéphanie Jasmin will be responsible for directing this show which recounts the end of life of a 93-year-old transsexual and recalls the great moments of activism for the rights of homosexual people which marked the last century.

The brilliant Rhodnie Désir (winner of the 2020 Grand Prix de la danse and associated artist at Place des Arts) is betting on a very first large-scale show, bringing together 15 performers and 60 musicians from the Orchester Métropolitain conducted by Yannick Nézet -Séguin. It is the heart, its pulsations, its capsizing, which inspired the artist to the documentary approach. Drawing on the testimonies of specialists from the Montreal Heart Institute, she creates for her performers gestures inspired by the beats of the heart, but also by its faults and overflows, on a musical score created in collaboration with Jorane, the Engone sound designer Endong, the house band of his company, RD Créations, and OM, all accompanied by immersive projections from the NFB. Blowing!

Twice, this large-scale spectacle has had its wings clipped by the pandemic. The wait is over: the public will finally be able to taste this adaptation of Aristophanes’ work by Fanny Britt and Alexia Bürger, directed by Lorraine Pintal. Bénédicte Décary embodies this angry Lysis ready to do anything to stop the inequities. Her solution: encourage women to go on a reproductive strike. A struggle that promises to shake the heroine in all spheres of her existence. This ambitious show will bring together nearly 20 performers and musicians around talented designers, including Philippe Brault on music.