PER and retirement: the best contracts for saving in 2022


You can plan for retirement… Especially when you’re young! After working for many years, the possibility of realizing all your projects and dreams finally arrives… Provided, however, that you have the means. Because the transition from a salary to a pension is often the moment of a great loss of income.

It is then a question of anticipating it throughout his career. One of the possible solutions is the Retirement Savings Plan or PER, created by the PACTE law of 2019. Its function is to gradually replace all the other savings plans, indicates the website Ministry of the Interior, Démarches.interieur.

This relatively new savings product is perhaps the most significant tool for securing your sunny days…

You still have to choose well. Between insurers, banks and mutuals, each organization offers its own. It’s not easy to select the most suitable device for your situation. Especially since the latter will have a considerable impact on income in the long term. This is why for the past two years, the media Le Revenu has elected the best contracts offered by financial entities such as mutual insurance companies or banks.

In 2022, the media cited above therefore awarded the gold trophy for the best individual PER to four banking or insurance contracts, “according to a rigorous methodology, based on twenty technical and financial criteria”, he said. assured. Do you want to subscribe to this type of commitment? Planet has produced the slideshow below which reveals the winners of the second edition…