Pensions: the amount of the new January revaluation


Pensions are in the news these days. Indeed, after the various revaluations they have recently undergone, pensions are at the heart of attention. In addition, the news of the week of September 26 also saw pension reform return to center stage. It was a big topic of debate during the entire presidential campaign, but also during that of the legislative elections.

This Emmanuel Macron campaign promise could well see the light of day soon, since the majority has now decided how the government wishes to pass this measure. After a working dinner held on Wednesday, September 28, it was announced that the preferred track at this stage was a specific pension reform bill.

Thus, Elisabeth Borne announced that she wanted to adopt the bill “before the end of winter”. A debate should therefore be organized at the start of 2023 with, as the Executive hopes, a vote on the reform in the summer of 2023, before coming into force during the following winter. However, the debates are likely to be particularly stormy in the National Assembly, the opposition being, in most cases, hostile to this reform. But Emmanuel Macron is aware of this difficulty and has already announced the color by waving the threat of a potential dissolution in the National Assembly if a motion of censure were adopted.

Until then, pensions will undergo other changes and several upgrades are already planned… Including one for the month of January. What will be its amount? Check it out in the slideshow below.