Pensions, energy checks… Everything that changes on November 1, 2022


New month, new aids. As every 1st of the month, many changes will take place for the portfolio and the daily life of the French at the beginning of November. Pensions, allowances, energy checks, several aids will be sent to households in a context where purchasing power is particularly impacted.

Indeed, for this month of October 2022, the inflationary crisis has continued to worsen since, as shown by the provisional data released by INSEE, the rise in prices reached 6.2% over one year this month. this.

This is the highest level reached since June 1985. Energy, food and manufactured goods would be the consumer goods most affected by this price increase, reveals the institute in a press release.

Yet in recent months inflation had slowed somewhat. After reaching 6.1% in one year in July, it rose to 5.9% in August then 5.6% in September, which was rather encouraging.

The first victims of this price increase are the most precarious households because food products are among the most affected with an increase of 11.8%. This figure even goes up to 16.9% for fresh products. But it is also energies that have seen an increase of 19.2% in one year in October against 17.9% in September, despite the extension of the discount of 30 cents at the pump.

Thus, the boosts to come will be welcome for the households concerned. Here’s everything that’s changing on November 1.